Let's Play Hooky. Let's Make It Together.


Do you know a couple that deserves some quiet
time together at a Romantic Mountain Country Inn?

Give this Gift Bond of Love.

Order by Phone: Gift Bond and its matching envelope toll-free 1-800-678-4144 with your VISA/MC. You will have it-ready to give-in 3-4 days.
By mail
: receive your blank Gift Bond & envelope, cut off the stub and send with your check after adding the 9% NH. tax. (NOTE: 10% discount if purchased between November 1 and April 30, see Discount Prices below). Sign the Gift Bond and the Envelope with your name and their names in green ink. Tie it with a green ribbon and bow and give it to them as a spectacular anniversary, birthday or just for the fun of it gift. They call and reserve the time that's best for them.
They will love your gift

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